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Standard Electric Aluminium Mast Lift
Standard Electric Aluminium Mast Lift
Standard Electric Aluminium Mast Lift
Standard Electric Aluminium Mast Lift
Standard Electric Aluminium Mast Lift
Standard Electric Aluminium Mast Lift
Standard Electric Aluminium Mast Lift
Standard Electric Aluminium Mast Lift

Standard Electric Aluminium Mast Lift

This series of products subject structure using high-strength aluminum alloy material. The equipment takes up small spaces , light-weight, mobile flexible, looks beautiful. Its loading capacity is from 150KG to 300KG, which can load one or two man to finish aerial work. Its regular platform height is 4m, 6m, 8m, 10m etc, the max height can reach 24m.
Load capacity( kg):125-300(275-661lbs)
Lift Height (m):4-24(13-78ft)
Product Description
Standard Electric Aluminium Mast Lift
The aluminium aerial work platforms are designed to enhance productivity in the workplace. Flexible features on the Aluminum Mast Lift Platform offer convenience at a low cost.The power sources can be 110V 220V 380V AC power, DC power or as required.The color also can be free customized.
Product Parameter
Product name Model Load Capacity(kg) Lift Height(m) Overall Size(m)
Single mast GTWY4-100 125-150(275lb-330lbs) 4(13ft) 1.18*0.80*1.65
GTWY6-100 125-150(275lb-330lbs) 6(19ft) 1.28*0.80*1.65
GTWY8-100 125-150(275lb-330lbs) 8(26ft) 1.28*0.80*1.98
GTWY9-100 125(275lbs) 9(29ft) 1.36*0.85*1.98
GTWY10-100 125(275lbs) 10(32ft) 1.45*0.85*1.98
Double mast GTWY6-200S 200-300(440lb-661lbs) 6(19ft) 1.30*0.80*1.65
GTWY8-200S 200-300(440lb-661lbs) 8(26ft) 1.36*0.85*1.98
GTWY10-200S 200-300(440lb-661lbs) 10(32ft) 1.54*0.90*1.98
GTWY12-200S 200(440lbs) 12(39ft) 1.66*0.97*1.98
GTWY14-200S 200(440lbs) 14(45ft) 1.66*1.10*2.38
Three mast GTWY10-320 250(551lbs) 10(32ft) 2.00*1.25*2.05
GTWY12-320 50(110lbs) 12(39ft) 2.00*1.25*2.05
GTWY14-320 250(551lbs) 14(45ft) 2.00*1.25*2.45
GTWY16-320 200(440lbs) 16(52ft) 2.20*1.25*2.45
Four mast GTWY14-420 200-250(440lb-551lbs) 14(45ft) 2.00*1.25*2.45
GTWY16-420 200-250(440lb-551lbs) 16(52ft) 2.20*1.25*2.45
GTWY18-420 200-250(440lb-551lbs) 18(59ft) 2.45*1.25*2.75
Six mast GTWY18-620 150(330lbs) 18(59ft) 2.30*1.30*2.45
GTWY20-620 150(330lbs) 20(65ft) 2.45*1.30*2.45
GTWY22-620 150(330lbs) 22(72ft) 2.65*1.50*2.80
GTWY24-620 150(330lbs) 24(78ft) 2.65*1.60*2.95
Standard Accessories:
Light guardrail
Remote controller
Emergency drop valve
Polyurethane tires
Spirit level
Safety legs

Select Accessories:
Battery lift
AC and DC lift
Assisted walking
Explosion -proof electrical appliances
Technical Support
Sino Lift Technical Support
1_Year Warranty
Official Store
Risk Free Shopping
9 Years Factory
Good Price
Good Quality
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Lifetime technical support
Question Answers
Do your company's products come with a warranty?
Yes,All our products are covered by a one-year warranty
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Yes,Our company can customize colors, logos, sizes and heights
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Yes,Our products are shipped with an instruction manual
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Yes,Our company has a professional after-sales service team that is online 24 hours a day and can provide free online service for life
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