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Beginning of Autumn

Release Time:2023-08-08
The Beginning of Autumn is the 13th solar term among the 24 solar terms in the lunar calendar, and it is also the first solar term of autumn, marking the official beginning of the Mencius Autumn season. "Autumn" refers to the cooling of the heat. At the beginning of autumn, wutong begin to lose their leaves, so there is an idiom "falling leaves know autumn". From a textual perspective, the character 'autumn' consists of the characters' he 'and' huo ', which means' hegu is mature'. Autumn is a transitional season where the weather changes from hot to cool, and then from cool to cold.

The beginning of autumn has arrived, but it is not that the autumn climate has arrived. The division of climate seasons should be based on the "average temperature of the season", which means that the average temperature of the local area for 5 consecutive days is below 22 ℃, in order to calculate the true autumn season.

China has a vast territory, and although the climate varies from place to place, most areas have not yet entered the autumn climate. Moreover, the last day of the three hot days each year is still the third day after the beginning of autumn. Especially in southern China, during this solar term, it is still the time of summer heat, and due to the gradual departure of the typhoon wind and rain season, the temperature becomes even hotter. Therefore, Chinese medicine refers to the period from the beginning of autumn to the before the autumnal equinox as "long summer".

After the beginning of autumn, the daytime is still hot, but the cold will gradually become stronger in the morning and evening. Weak people should avoid the invasion of cold.

Autumn, especially before and after the busy season, planting and harvesting in autumn, is incredibly busy!

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