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Mobile scissor lift aerial working platform safety operating procedures

Release Time:2024-05-15

In order to ensure the safety of use and keep this equipment in good working condition, this safety operation procedure is formulated.

1、 Requirements before starting.
1. The operator should be trained by this operation procedure and familiar with its performance, structure and operation method before operation.
2. Check whether the power supply line and the inlet and outlet lines of the electrical control box are intact.
3. Check whether the travel switch is invalid (advance the travel switch by hand to confirm the action of the switch) and whether each button is effective.
4. Check whether there is oil leakage in the oil pipeline and so on.
5. Check whether the nuts of each cross point on the folding arm frame and the nuts of each connection point of the safety guardrail of the towable mobile scissor lift are tight.
6. No unauthorized use without the consent of the workshop manager. It shall not be used without passing this operation procedure.

2. Requirements for starting and running.
1. After each item is checked and qualified, place the electric hydraulic scissor lift platform and make sure there is no obstruction of foreign objects over the lifting platform.
2. Brace the legs, adjust the leg bolts to keep the lifting platform level, and then lock the leg positioning bolts.
3. Turn on the power and make sure that the power cord is placed in a safe condition, and then turn on the power, and then work after the indicator light is on and the test drive is normal for 3 times.

3. Precautions for use.
1. the use of at least two people to operate this equipment, to ensure that one person work, a safe guardian.
2. according to the specified load work, overloading is strictly prohibited.
3. in the process of work and in the ascending position, shall not move the lifting platform.
4. in the scissor lift table lifting process on the platform staff must crouch down to keep the body below the safety guardrail, to be lifted and signal the safety guardian to stop before starting work.
5. is strictly prohibited in the work of the platform to do intense artificial shaking, more than one person work is strictly prohibited to play play.
6. in the hydraulic scissor lift lifting process, it is strictly prohibited to body and other objects in contact with the folding arm frame, so as to avoid clamping injuries.
7. in the trailer scissor lift lifting process, the safety guardian must ensure that no other people within the scope of operation, and do a good job of isolation measures around the platform, so as to avoid injuries caused by falling objects.
8. It is strictly prohibited to carry out super-conventional electrified work on the working platform.
9. Safety guardians should stop the lifting operation immediately if they find that the working pressure of the lifting platform is too high or the sound is abnormal, and ensure that the personnel on the working platform descend to the ground safely.

4. For more usage instructions and operation videos, you can contact professionals: Email: ivy@cnsinolift.com

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