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New and safer lifting platform

Release Time:2023-12-23

With the development of industry, aluminum alloy lifting platforms, as advanced and safe equipment, are increasingly being widely used in various industries. It has many advantages, making it an essential tool in the workplace.

Firstly, the aluminum alloy lifting platform is equipped with a safety self inspection system, which can only function normally when equipped with supporting legs. This design firmly eliminates the occurrence of danger and ensures the safety of staff.

Secondly, aluminum alloy legs are an important component of the equipment. Using high-strength aluminum alloy materials, it not only has excellent corrosion resistance, but also is connected to the body surface, eliminating the risk of fracture. This makes the aluminum alloy lifting platform more stable and reliable during use.

The aluminum alloy lifting platform also has standard forklift holes, which makes transportation more convenient and reduces transportation risks. One person can easily complete the loading work, thereby reducing labor costs.

In order to avoid danger caused by misoperation by workers, the aluminum alloy lifting platform is also equipped with an anti misoperation system. In this way, even if workers operate improperly, it will not pose any threat to personal safety.

The maintenance control box is an important part of equipment maintenance. The aluminum alloy lifting platform adopts an aviation plug design, making maintenance and replacement of control boxes more convenient and efficient, and improving equipment maintenance efficiency.

Inside the lifting platform, polytetrafluoroethylene sliders are used to ensure that there is no jerking sensation during the ascent and descent process, making it more stable and comfortable. Moreover, the aluminum alloy lifting platform does not require maintenance internally and is maintenance free for life, reducing maintenance costs and time.

In order to ensure the flexibility and safety of operation, the aluminum alloy lifting platform is equipped with an emergency stop button and an emergency descent function. Once encountering an emergency situation, simply press the emergency stop button to immediately stop the device. At the same time, in case of power failure or emergency situations, the device can also be safely lowered through the manual lowering function.

Safety is one of the important characteristics of aluminum alloy lifting platforms. The equipment adopts an explosion-proof oil cylinder design. Once the oil pipe breaks, the explosion-proof valve will automatically open, causing the platform to stop in the air and wait for rescue. This design greatly enhances the safety performance of the equipment.

In addition, the aluminum alloy lifting platform also uses advanced aviation aluminum materials, which have higher strength and guaranteed quality. Wear resistant cables can withstand certain mechanical forces, are cold resistant, wear-resistant, and resistant to oil stains. The use of NOK sealing rings ensures that there is no oil leakage when the equipment is parked for a long time.

The aluminum alloy lifting platform has undergone strict testing, and its mechanical strength and hydraulic bearing capacity have reached more than ten times and eight times the testing requirements, respectively. Moreover, the electrical part of the equipment also complies with European EC standards and has a European EC conformity declaration.

Finally, the aluminum alloy lifting platform has also undergone anti tipping tests, and can withstand 150% of the load under full load, with a maximum tilt angle of 4 times and a horizontal force of 200N, ensuring that the equipment will not tip over under the worst conditions.

In summary, aluminum alloy lifting platforms are an efficient and safe industrial equipment. Its advantages include a safety self inspection system, aluminum alloy legs, convenient transportation, anti misoperation, aviation plugs, PTFE sliders, emergency stop buttons, emergency descent, explosion-proof oil cylinders, aluminum profiles, wear-resistant cables, sealing rings, mechanical strength, hydraulic bearing capacity, electrical compliance, and anti tipping testing. These advantages make aluminum alloy lifting platforms an indispensable equipment in various industries, providing workers with a more efficient and safe working environment.

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