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Precautions for using and operating aluminum alloy lifting platforms

Release Time:2023-09-25

1. External support legs, twist the screw rod at the upper end of the support with a joystick, adjust the height of the four support legs, and adjust the lifting equipment to align with the horizontal plane to raise it; Do not raise without support.

2. The load capacity shall not exceed the rated value, and strong manual shaking is strictly prohibited.

3. When there are wires, moving objects, or other obstacles above the lifting platform, it is necessary to be careful when lifting to ensure the safety of the lifting space.

4. Only when the operator understands the performance of the machine can they operate, and the operator must be able to adapt to high-altitude operations. Personnel with heart disease and acrophobia should not operate the machine.

5. Wind force above level 4 shall be discontinued. When the outdoor height rises by more than 9 meters, the use of wind force of level three or above shall be stopped.

6. The working environment temperature is -10 ℃~50 ℃; Generally, add No. 46 or No. 68 wear-resistant hydraulic oil to the oil tank, and use No. 32 low pour point hydraulic oil in cold areas (add antifreeze in special cases). Replace the hydraulic oil after working for a total of 1000 hours or 12 months.

7. Before use, strict inspection should be carried out to ensure that all fasteners are intact and functioning properly; Whether the hydraulic pipeline connection is firm and undamaged; Whether the electrical work is reliable, especially the limit switches installed on the equipment; Once abnormal situations are found, it is strictly prohibited to use it before handling. After use, the workbench should be lowered to the lowest height.

9. Before moving, the workbench should be lowered to the lowest height, the foot plate supporting the legs should be placed in the highest position, and the power should be stored in the toolbox of the lifting table.

Device power connection

1. If the 380V AC power supply is connected and the platform does not lift or the motor does not work when the lifting switch is pressed, it may be due to the motor reversing or the phase sequence protector working, causing the motor to not work. Reversing the power supply can lift the platform.

2. If this machine is equipped with a 220V AC motor, it is required that the grid voltage be stable and can only be used normally when the voltage is above 210V. Special attention should be paid to strictly prohibiting overloading.

3. If the machine is equipped with a 24V DC motor, it is required to use the battery with sufficient power, and the voltage should not be lower than 20V. If the voltage is insufficient, it must be charged in a timely manner before use.

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