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Spring Sports Meeting

Release Time:2023-02-06
HENAN SINO LIFT CO.,LTD held a unique spring sports meeting to improve the overall quality and ability of employees, cultivate teamwork spirit, and devote to work with healthy physical and mental qualities.
Spring Sports Meeting
Sports make people happy, and sports make people energetic. There were five sports events. These projects were fun, entertaining and competitive, which were not only a competition of strength and wisdom, but also a display of the style of the participating players and a test of teamwork, and the sports venue was very lively, everyone was smiling and passionate, and all the players were enthusiastic and cheering.

The sports meeting not only enriched the cultural life of the staff, relieved their work pressure, but also cultivated and enhanced the spirit of cooperation, sense of collective honor and teamwork ability, showed the upward and vigorous spirit of HENAN SINO staff, and inspired them to devote themselves to the work of the park with more enthusiasm and high morale.