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16 meter aluminum alloy lifting platform shipment

Release Time:2023-08-25
SINO LIFT four column 16 meter aluminum alloy lifting platform sent to Tajikistan.

Model: GTWY16-420
Rising height: 16m
Maximum working height: 18m
Load capacity: 250KG
Table size: 1.6 * 0.85m
Power: DC
Color: Blue
Certificate: CE certificate
Customization: Assisted walking
Complimentary accessories: safety helmet, seat belt, instruction manual.

About Henan Sino Lift:

Henan Sino Lift is a company dedicated to the research and development, production, and sales of logistics loading and unloading equipment. We focus on providing high-quality and reliable mobile dock ramps, elevators, and other logistics equipment, providing customers with comprehensive logistics solutions. With excellent technology and high-quality service, Henan Sino Lift helps customers improve loading and unloading efficiency, reduce costs, and promote the progress of the logistics industry.