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Traction mobile scissor lift platform to India

Release Time:2023-10-08
We are honored to announce that our company's traction scissor lift platform will be shipped to the Indian market. The products shipped this time include SJY 0.5-4, SJY 0.5-6, SJY 0.5-8, and SJY 0.5-10, which will provide more efficient lifting solutions for the construction and industrial sectors in India.

The SJY series traction scissor lift is a powerful device suitable for various high-altitude work needs. Whether on construction sites, warehouses, logistics centers, or industrial production lines, it can provide excellent lifting and lowering effects. At the same time, these models also have flexibility and can adapt to different working environments and task requirements.

SJY 0.5-4 is the smallest model in our series, with a maximum payload of 0.5 tons and a maximum lifting height of 4 meters. It is suitable for low-rise buildings, storage goods placement, and equipment maintenance.

As a rapidly developing country, India is in a stage of vigorous development in the fields of construction and industry. With the acceleration of urbanization and continuous economic growth, the demand for efficient and safe lifting equipment is also increasing. We believe that the introduction of the traction type scissor lift platform will provide more advanced work equipment for the construction and industrial industries in India, helping their development.

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