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Articulating Boom Lift
Articulating Boom Lift
Articulating Boom Lift
Articulating Boom Lift
Articulating Boom Lift
Articulating Boom Lift
Articulating Boom Lift
Articulating Boom Lift

Articulating Boom Lift

The articulating boom lift has the advantages of compact structure, using a new type of high-quality steel, high strength, light weight, direct access to DC power to start, set up fast, automatic hydraulic support feet, can quickly set up safe and simple operation.
Load capacity( kg):230-275(507-606lbs)
Lift Height (m):14-46.6(45-152ft)
Product Description
Articulating Boom Lift
The self-propelled articulating aerial work platform is simple to operate, easy to use, and has a large working surface.It is used for outdoor aerial work; the equipment can be controlled to lift and walk above the platform; it can cross certain obstacles or lift in one place for multi-point aerial work.It is suitable for all kinds of rugged terrain in the wild and has a wide range of space operations.
Product Parameter
Model Working load(kg) Platform height(m) Platform size (m)
GTZZ-14EJ 230(507 Ibs) 14(45ft) 1.45*0.85*1.1
GTZZ-15J 250(551 Ibs) 14.7(48ft) 1.45*0.85*1.1
GTZZ-16EJ 230(507 Ibs) 15.7(51ft) 1.45*0.85*1.1
GTZZ-18J 250/230 (551/507Ibs) 18.3(60ft) 1.83*085*1.1
GTZZ-25J 230(507Ibs) 24.6(80ft) 2.44*0.91*1.1
GTZZ-46J 275(606Ibs) 46.6(152ft) 2.44*0.91*1.1
Standard Accessories:
Hydraulically leveled working platform
Weighing system
355° rotary table rotation
160°hydraulic swivel platform
Main arm self weight drop
Emergency brake release
Rear detection and driving confirmation
Display screen
Foam tires
Full scale handle fade control
Troubleshooting system
IOT operation operation monitoring
Horn and buzzer safety warning
Emergency stop system
Lead acid battery
Rotating alarm light safety warning
Emergency descent system
Rexroth System
Tilt protection system
Maximum allowable working tilt angle 5°

Select Accessories:
Platform retrofitted with work lights
AC power cord to platform
Foam non-marking tires
1.83m working bar
Height limit anti-collision device
Technical Support
Sino Lift Technical Support
1_Year Warranty
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Lifetime technical support
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